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So you’re looking to customise some headwear? Our premium collection of caps and beanies are the idea blank canvases for your brand.

When it comes to customising headwear, there are various factors that contribute to pricing, and what we as the Uflex team can handle. We’ve put together this informational page for your benefit – you should find all the answers you’re looking for regarding our custom capabilities.

how many items are you looking to customise?

Economies of scale make a difference.


These can be processed however the orders do come with high set-up fees.

If you are a brand and planning on re-selling, then get in touch with Headwear24 at www.h24.com.

If you are looking for yourself, then the best bet is to check out the local promotional companies as they can handle these requests.


These can be processed and are above the normal threshhold for set-up fees.

We would suggest that you research promo’ cap branding companies in your area that can handle these custom requests.

If you are unable to find smaller promo’ company to handle your request, then contact us and we will see how we can assist.


Now we’re talking! These can be processes at standard set-up rates by our team. However you can order these quantities from a promotional company if you prefer.

Make sure to browse our catalogue first and let us know which styles you would like to have branded.

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