Straight up Street wear – Caps & Styles

If you’re a Millennial or later, you might be forgiven for believing that caps have always been an accessory that transcends gender, style, culture, and generally time. But there are different subcultures within the products that we wear that reflect different styles. For example, although Mens snapback caps or black trucker caps haven’t found their way into every subculture, thanks to Polo Ralph Lauren, a certain type of fitted baseball cap can be found protecting the heads and faces of anyone from your ankle-biting nephew to your grandma’s tennis team.

So how do we know the difference? Let’s take a closer look at some key styles.

Baseball or 6 panel

It comes down to two key features – a snapback, and six panels.

It’s all about the back. Snapback refers literally to the snap closure at the back of the hat. From sporting origins, mens snapback caps and women’s versions have been adopted by pretty much every major brand over time, moving further than just sport.

The fashion world has well and truly adopted the black baseball cap as a wardrobe staple, with fashionable ladies the world over donning some form of fitted baseball cap as a casual streetwear wardrobe staple.


You don’t have to be a trucker to wear a Mens trucker hat, nor do you have to be a man. This style was huge in the early 2000s and 90s, yet popularity trickled out as they saturated the market for a time. If you look for classic styles, block colours or a black trucker cap, you’ll find these easily tie into your street style.

Five Panel

While a six panel cap is often high profile, five panel caps are loved for their low profile style, originally catching on with skaters and youths and working in a strange yet perfect contrast to the baggy pants of the 90s. You can find both curved cap or flat cap styles, but as a general guide, a flat cap style is synonymous with skate culture, while a curved cap is more widely accepted.

Flat Cap

Synonymous with street cred, a cap with a flat peak carries a little more attitude by default. While five panel styles have their roots in street style, six panel styles with a closed back offer a bit more of a premium mens cap look, especially when sticking to one shade.

Dad Cap

These are pretty much the daggy cool, vintage style of cap. Worn by everyone from your favourite uncle in his ten year old faded version on fishing days, to teenage girls opting for bright hues and that Polo badge, this is the comfy, floppy style with the back closure that you love to wear in, and kind of hope will span generations.

While subcultures remain in the cap realm, and different styles better suit different outfits or events, there’s no reason you can’t give every one of these styles a try!