Raynard & Danica

We recently had the honor of having recreational photographer Raynard Sims photograph some of our Uflex caps.  Raynard, an IT Manager in Cape Town by day, originally obtaining a post-graduate degree in Theology before moving into the world of IT.
I love my job, helping building infrastructure and exploring the world of technology – for me, it has been a fascinating time of discovery and growth.”
It’s had to believe Raynard is not a professional photographer when you see the quality of his images. We were curious to know how he got into the art.
“I originally got involved with photography while studying, and fell in love with it, got inspired by others to continue to challenge myself and grow in the art form.”
Anyone who follows Raynard on Instagram will notice his photographs appear to document the life of one particular woman. Danica, a student at UCT who has just completed the first year of her PhD in Health Science Education and is passionate about transforming Higher Education in South Africa, is also Raynard’s wife and the subject of the majority of him photographs. Danica said in our interview,
“In our free time we love to be active (gyming, swimming, running, hiking in beautiful Cape Town), eating good food (life is about balance and enjoyment!) and going on photo missions with Ray – whether it is shooting portraits or catching a sunset from Table Mountain. “
We just love the energy and passion these two have for life and for South Africa. It’s inspiring to see a couple combine their passions for education, healthy living, Cape Town, photography and of course each other.
To wrap up our interview, we just had to ask the most obvious question…

What advice would you give to any aspiring photographers?

Go out and shoot as often as possible – it is not about the gear, or the likes or the follows. It is about challenging yourself, creating something you can be proud of and doing that as often as possible.
To follow their story or to get in touch, you can find them at;
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