Paul Wheatley

Some people take customising their Uflex caps to a whole new level.

Pietermaritzburg based tattoo artist Paul Wheatly only discovered his passion and talent for tattooing in recent years. His ability to tattoo realistic portraits and nail just about every genre of the art is fast building him a reputation as one of the best in the country.

He very kindly agreed to airbrush a few Uflex flat peaked caps for us and this is the first.

Paul is toying with the idea of painting custom snapback caps for those wanting so if you do, make sure to contact him via his Instagram Profile. . His contact number and email address are shown on his profile page. 

Paul-Wheatley-1  Paul-Wheatley-2  Paul-Wheatley-3  Paul-Wheatley-4    Paul-Wheatley-5  

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