Natalie Reed – South African Women in Motocross

We caught up with Natalie Reed, owner of South African Women in Motocross (SAWMX), to find out more about her organisation and how it’s leading the way for women in the motocross scene.

Who are some inspirational female riders you think are leading the way for women in the MX world?

It doesn’t come down to the one or two inspirational women in motocross to lead the way for women. It is an all-round effort, from the top ladies to all the people behind the scenes. Women are brought together when ladies or organisations such as Ashley Fiolek or SAWMX hold events/training camps for women to come together as one.  

However, Ashley is one of the most inspirational motocross riders in the women’s scene as she showed many people that illnesses, diseases or gender shouldn’t be seen as limitations when it comes to motocross. Since Ashley was born deaf, she learnt how to ride a bike through dedication and patience and is now one of the most inspirational women in motocross history.  

What qualities do you think a woman should possess in order to succeed in MX?

Dedication, perseverance and courage. Three simple words. Motocross comes down to these three words; they define the results of all motocross riders.

Dedication – to be the top rider you need to have dedication, from the long hours at the track to the early morning start to get your body fitness up by going to the gym or going for a 50Km cycle.

Perseverance – you need to be able to push through all the walls that try and stop a person from achieving what they are capable of and that only happens if you have a strong will to commit and try push your boundaries.

Courage – you need to push the boundaries and think of the results that you want to achieve.

You need all three of these traits in order to succeed and that can only start from the fire within you.  

What made you want to start up SAWMX?

I wanted to start up SAWMX to have a platform to reach out far and wide to help women in motocross. It was quite difficult before we started up SAWMX as we had no way of communicating with all the women. SAWMX helps to bring awareness to everyone about how many women do actually have a desire to shine in the motocross scene.  

What would you say to encourage any young aspiring female MX riders?

Motocross is not defined by what gender you are, what bike you have or how many sponsors you have. It’s all about your dedication and commitment to being the best you can be and never backing down from trying to achieve your dreams.  

What makes SAWMX different from any other group? 

SAWMX gives a platform to everyone allowing them to get information on riders who have reached out, on events that we are hosting and much more. However, the most appealing thing about the group is that it allows women to come together and get to know other female riders. This is vital if we are to start growing the scene for women in motocross.  

You can find SAWMX on Facebook here.

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