Nanda Clowes – Reigning MX Ladies Champ Takes On the Men

Nanda Clowes, the reigning female champion of MX, is always up for a challenge. Her latest one? Racing against male MX riders. At Uflex Headwear, we appreciate the bold, which is why we are proud to sponsor Nanda as she races to greatness. We caught up with her and asked her to share her story with you.

“We race for the fun of it,” said my dad at the first regional at Sand Trax a few weeks ago.

Who knew those words combined with the empty feeling I had during the first race would have made me breakthrough to making such a huge decision for my motocross career.

It hasn’t been a very long career in the women’s class for me, compared to the other top MX guys who have been racing since the age of 5. I only started racing when I was 18, two years after I first climbed on a bike. My racing career definitely started with a bang, making history by winning the first Supermoto women’s class championship ever, followed by another history-making moment with the first Women’s Motocross championship the year after. I have only had six full racing seasons on my name, and four championships out of those six years.

“I’m pretty sure I could keep doing this for the rest of my life, the excitement and the challenge of being part of something so amazing!”

I remember the feeling I had lining up with 39 other women at international level, crowds like the oceans next to the track and the adrenalin pumping high… Whoohoo!

So who knew that my path with SA women’s motocross would come to an end only to begin something so great?

“Hello MX3 class! May I join you for a few seasons?”

Finally what I have been thinking of for so many years is finally here, I’m going to race MX3 class with some fast guys and a 450sxf… I want to be racing with the women champs from back in the day at the Glen Helen World Vets Championship and I want to hit the podiums here in SA while riding with the past champions of SA motocross.

Before we embark on this journey together, you should know, the first national didn’t go as planned. Port Elizabeth is a tough, rough, sandy track, but another rider crashed in front of me leaving me nowhere to go but over him. I didn’t make it out, crashed my brains out too. The only thing that made my day was my lap times, I managed to be 7 seconds faster than any other girl that day and I was still on my 250sxf.
“Sometimes you just have to trust in the magic of new beginnings and the rewards will come with time.”
The new challenge for the next national is getting used to my new race bike, KTM 450sxf… I have always loved a big powerful 450, it takes a while to get used to but I’m excited about it. Will have to train harder, get stronger to handle all that power, but I’m 110% in this for the long run.

Let’s get started!

Nanda-Clowes-Reigning-MX-Ladies-Champ-Takes-On-the-Men-1  Nanda-Clowes-Reigning-MX-Ladies-Champ-Takes-On-the-Men-2  Nanda-Clowes-Reigning-MX-Ladies-Champ-Takes-On-the-Men-3  Nanda-Clowes-Reigning-MX-Ladies-Champ-Takes-On-the-Men-4  

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