Nanda Clowes – 2017 SA MX Champion!

We couldn’t be prouder of Nanda Clowes. She dominated the circuit all year and with a brilliant second place finish, brought home the championship in the final race of the season.

We would like to congratulate the entire D-force team for an incredible year and to Kayla Raaff on winning the days race and coming in 3rd overall in the championship.

Uflex Headwear will definitely continue its sponsorship with team D-force in 2018 and even though Nanda is moving on, we are happy to announce that Uflex Headwear will continue to work with her next season. 

Nanda-Clowes-2017-SA-MX-Champion-1  Nanda-Clowes-2017-SA-MX-Champion-2  Nanda-Clowes-2017-SA-MX-Champion-3  Nanda-Clowes-2017-SA-MX-Champion-4  Nanda-Clowes-2017-SA-MX-Champion-5  Nanda-Clowes-2017-SA-MX-Champion-6  

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