– Website Under Construction –

– Website Under Construction –

Hi there! We are currently working on our website to improve your experience with the Uflex brand. We’re sorry for any inconvenience caused, but our team are still able to help you out as best we can.

If you’re looking for blank caps, simply view our catalogue below, and send through your orders, or any enquiries, via email.

– Our Catalogue –

Here you can download our latest catalogue, have a gander at our beautiful headwear and pick which ones will work for you.

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– How to Buy –

How many caps are you looking to customise?

0 – 49

These can be processed however the orders do come with high set-up fees.

If you are a brand and planning on re-selling then please head over to www.twentyfour.store and get in touch with Headwear24.

If you are looking for yourself then the best bet is to check out the local promotional companies as they’ll be able to help out.

50 – 100

These can be processed and are above the normal threshold for set-up fees.

We would suggest that you research promo’ cap branding companies in your area that can handle these custom requests.

If you are unable to find a smaller promo’ company to handle your request, then get in touch with us and we will see how we can help.

100 +

Now we’re talking! These can be processed at standard setup rates.

We can handle orders this size for you. However, you can order these quantities from a promotional company if you prefer. 

Make sure to browse our catalogue first andlet us know which styles you would like to have branded. Get in touch with these details here.

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