Embrace Your 90s Trash Bag Heart With These Updated Trucker Hats

Whether you’re willing to admit it or not, it’s almost impossible to have avoided owning a trucker hat at some point from the nineties into the 00s.

The trucker has had a rough ride. Celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan and brands such as Von Dutch gave the hat a bad name in previous decades, outweighing the good efforts put in from deadset legends Ashton Kutcher, Childish Gambino, JT and style icon Pharrell Williams. These guys offer photographic proof that the trucker can be done.

It’s been hard – but remember how much you loved your trucker? You can admit it, we understand, we did too; which is why we’re embracing these updated trucker caps. Without trashy logos and aggressive clashing colours, these trucker caps look, well, kind of chic.


The fit

One of the greatest issues with the notorious trucker was a common ill-fit, most likely the product of mass-production and a loss of direction along the way. There was also some weird things going on with peaks – they were either weirdly miniature, or dramatically oversize.

These updated truckers have been designed to fit nice and snug on the head, with a classic five panel structure, and the typical Double Poly-snap enclosure on the back to make sure you can get it sitting just right. The peak is also decidedly normal size, if you were wondering.

How do I wear it?

In classic versatile colours, it’s no longer a headache to mix a trucker into your look – just style as you would a baseball cap. If you’re going for the all-black option, rep the classic black-on-black look for a definite tick of approval from your harshest style critics.

If on the other hand you want to really embrace the trucker vibe, opt for the two-tone. You can pretty much wear it as you would the block colour truckers, with the difference being that you are making more of a statement to the world. “I’m a trash bag and I love it!” We respect you, oh trashy one.

While there will be people out there that battle the resurrection of the trucker, we stand firm. He’s a classic, and we’re all about it.