Catching up with Kirsten Landman

Kirsten Landman, South African, female hard enduro rider is now sponsored by Uflex Headwear. Her passion and never-give-up attitude makes her the type of person that we want to be associated with. Recently, she competed in the Red Bull Romaniacs and came 14th overall in the Bronze class despite a serious injury. We chatted to her about the event and here’s what she had to say:

“After the Desert 1000 in Botswana, we were shooting for my Dakar campaign and I tweaked my knee really badly. That week I rushed off to Doctors and physios and only an MRI would tell exactly what was wrong, but the doc gave me the good news that rehab and some strength work would be able to get it strong in time for Romaniacs.

Excited and prepped for Romaniacs, feeling really good about my knee, we arrived on Friday, prepped the bike all day Saturday and on Sunday I spent the whole day out in the mountains riding my new KTM. On the way home going up a slippery climb the back wheel washed out and naturally I put my leg out and completely twisted my knee and this time the pain being the worst its ever been.

I had really done it badly, my knee swelled and I couldn’t walk on it. I spoke to the organizers and had a long chat with Darryl Curtis and Franziska Brandl, and there was no way I would be able to compete in the silver class and be able to push myself and my body when my physical abilities had now dropped down to 60%. I made the decision to drop down to the bronze class. I thought that I would rather finish the race in one piece than not finish at all or worse, further injure myself trying to get through silver.

 With the heavy torrential rains across Romania and it being the “Epic 15th Edition” of Redbull Romaniacs this year was definitely going to be one of the hardest and that it was.


 Qualifying 12th in the prologue, making it into the final and starting day 1 in 19th position – my Romaniacs was off to a good start. Keeping in my mind I was riding trying to protect and be very conscious of my sore knee.

Day 1 was 206kms and a seriously long day on the bike. With only less than 40 riders from all the classes finishing the full route, I was happy to make it through in 11th position in bronze. The conditions were terrible, I had honestly never ridden in so much mud and such slippery tracks.  


The rest of the race and each day with my knee getting worse, the main goal was just to finish without doing any more damage. Riding the bike was the easy part, it was when I had to get off either pushing the bike or walking it down the downhills that really hurt my knee. Which happened a lot.

But I’m happy to have walked away from this one in one piece, I have added another medal to my collection and I finished in a good position of 14th overall in the bronze class.


I can’t thank you all enough for the support and for allowing me to represent your Company and range of stylish Uflex snapback caps. I look forward to the remainder of the year with the national enduro series, Sea to Sky and Roof of Africa still to come.”

– You can follow Kirsten Landman’s journey on Instagram. Want to know about our other sponsored partners? Read our previous blog on Nanda Clowes.   If you’d like to be sponsored by Uflex Headwear and become a brand ambassador of one of the leading fashion snapback cap brands, get in touch with us. Images courtest of Actiongraphers and Red Bull Romaniacs.

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